Junior Night

Olds Golf Club Junior Night Program

 Junior Golf Program 2018 click here for PDF version

 Junior Golf Program – Level 1


Par 3 Junior Golf – Ages 6 to 9 years 

  • Each Wednesday from May 9th to June 27th (weather permitting) there is a 15 minute lesson/skill taught by the professional Staff, and then 5 holes of Par 3 golf are played lasting 1 hour approx. After golf everyone meets in the club-house where the kids receive free pop and a few non skill based prizes. There are 2 sessions you may register for one only.  Session I is from 5:15 to 6:30pm and Session II from 6:30 to 7:45PM  
  • Each family must supply one parent or guardian for their child or children with the primary purpose of ensuring their safety while on the par 3 course. Children can/may be placed in each level based on ability only. Ie: often a 10 year old with no previous experience will be a better fit for the Par 3 program however if this makes them self-conscious we have moved some to the Bronze Tee Group. 
  • Par 3 Junior Fees is $25.00 and includes:

– Use of Par 3 course, free use of rental clubs however we suggest purchasing a set that’s fits properly, a free pop at the end of the night and prizes. The club sells Junior Sets that are typically around $150 plus tax including bag and putter.  Kids are welcome to hit range balls after their session however children under the age of 11 must be supervised by an adult.


  • Prizes are typically distributed based on attitude and effort and are based on parental/instructor input. Effort is made to make sure all kids are rewarded throughout the course of the 8 weeks.
  • All junior golfers encouraged to wear golf attire. If the kids dress like they are going golfing they typically are more engaged in the activity.  Running shoes are encouraged before spending money on golf specific footwear.
  • All Par 3 golfers to Phone in and register by Wednesday at noon
  • In the case of severe weather Junior Nights may be cancelled or abruptly stopped in the case of lightning. These dates will not be rescheduled.

Bronze Tee Junior Golf – Level 2

Ages 10 to 14

Age is only one factor that we take into account for this program. Skill level, ability, and age/maturity level factor in making the jump to Level 2


  •  Bronze tee program fee is $40 for the 8 week program.  Rental clubs will be provided at no charge but parents are encouraged to get a properly fit set to facilitate learning.  We have a fair selection of junior sets and can also custom order sets that generally take 7 to 10 business days to be delivered.
  • There must be at least one adult with each group. Their job is to encourage proper pace of play and etiquette.
  • There will be a 15 minute skill session that will start at 5:40pm with tee times starting at approx. 6pm.
  • Pro-shop staff to make up groups of golfers. This would consist of 3 juniors with one accompanying parent.
  • Access to free balls on swing lesson nights.
  • All junior golfers and parents to phone in and register by Wednesday at noon.
  • All junior golfers encouraged to wear golf attire.
  • After golf we will give out a few prizes. Prizes will be based on attitude, effort and skill primarily and will be determined by parents and/or golf professional.

Junior Golf Instruction

      Added instruction will be available throughout the golf season for a small fee.  Instruction will be from Canadian PGA Professional Wade Bearchell.  A list of session dates is available at the Pro Shop.  If there is enough interest more classes may be added.


In our experience children learn best when they are having fun.  Golf can be a difficult and frustrating game and we are trying to give each child a basic understanding of the fundamentals.  It is important for kids and more importantly the parents to not focus on results because if we did most people would not play the game.  More importantly golf is a game of a lifetime that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  It promotes walking, friendly competition, sportsmanship and respect.  These are the aspects of the game that we hope everyone learns to embrace and if they end up being the next Tiger or Annika then hopefully they will remember us fondly.


                            Wade Bearchell

                            CPGA Head Professional