Monday Morning Mens:   18 holes, must have valid handicap, Fee:  $10/season + $2/week.  Tee times starting at 8:30am

Tuesday Morning Mixed Seniors:  9am crossover, fun games and very social. Fee: $1/week

Tuesday Night Ladies:  6PM : 9 Hole Shotgun.  Registration is $30 and includes participation in the Thursday morning Ladies as well.  Tuesday evening is noncompetitive and lots of fun.

Wednesday Night Juniors : Programs for kids aged 6 to 16, runs from May 1st to June 19th

Thursday Morning Ladies: 9AM tee times, 9 & 18 holes.  Fee is $30 

Thursday Night Men’s League:  6pm 9 hole Shotgun.  $50 registration fee.  Non competitive and lots of fun.  $5 to $7 fee per week for hole prizes.

Friday Night Couples:  Book your own tee times after 3 pm and enjoy discounted golf, appetizers and drink specials

Sunday morning Breakfast Club:  Open to all adult members with a valid handicap.  Cost is $5 per week.  Tee times fluctuate based on time of year but generally start close to 8am..

Note:  Start times for all leagues are subject to change during May and September and all leagues may be pre-empted by corporate events.  We will do our best to inform the membership however it is best to check the Proshop the week before for up to date info.