Turf Care

Olds Turf Care Team lead by Superintendent Jason Clouston have spent many hours insuring that the golf course is managed with stewardship in mind. Members have helped in many areas and with Outreach and Education projects both at the course and at our Audubon Sponsored school, Olds Elementary School. Every spring we go to the school and present the students information regarding the golf course habitat and birds of the area. The kids build blue bird boxes as the second portion of the program and as final of the three part program we bring out all 100+ kids to the golf course so they can see hands on what goes on in bird boxes. We also have had them help us plant trees and shrubs to increase habitat as well we have shown them flowers and explained the bees and butterflies roles in pollination. Below are some pictures of our projects with members and kids.

Superintendent Jason Clouston presenting At Olds Elementary School

Member Dick Stauffer explaining nesting to kids

Building blue birds boxes with members Dick Stauffer and Derrick Cormier

Grade 3 field trip to the course

Dick Stauffer again showing kids about birds

Ben Fulkerth showing kids how to plant and establish bird habitat.

For more information or questions please contact Jason Clouston at 403-556-1661